Piezosurgery® Touch

Piezo surgery (a mectron company)


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The Future of Bone Surgery

When mectron introduced PIEZOSURGERY® in 2001, the technology revolutionary for bone surgery.

The device provided precision, safety, ergonomics and high quality performance for surgeons all around the world.

Soon this new technology became the benchmark for bone surgery devices.

In 2011, mectron raised the bar again with the PIEZOSURGERY® touch.

Features include an exclusive black glass touch screen, an intuitive user interface, and a rotatable LED handpiece, which provides for a new level of ergonomics.

So get ready for selecting bone quality and irrigation flow rate at the touch of your finger – get ready for the new PIEZOSURGERY® touch.



Equipment set includes

1 LED handpiece

1 K8 Wrench

1 carrying case

1 surgical tray

1 sterilizable infusion set

1 foot pedal

1 back-up foot pedal

1 touch protective film


Technical specifications

Device compliant to Dir. 93/42/CEE:

Class II and I

Classification as per EN 60601-1:

Applied part type B (handpiece, insert)

IP 20 (device)

IP X8 (foot pedal)

Device for intermittent operation:

60sec. ON - 30sec. OFF with irrigation

30sec. ON - 120sec. OFF without irrigation (ENDO,PERIO)

Power supply voltage:

100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz

Max. power absorbed:

120 VA


Type 5 x 20 mm T 2AL, 250V

Operating frequency:

Automatic scan

From 24 KHz to 36 KHz

Power types:







Peristaltic pump capacity:

Adjustable on the touch screen:

ENDO / PERIO - 7 flow levels: from 0 to 6

(from 0 to approximately 75ml/min)


6 capacity levels: from 1 to 6

(from 8 to approximately 75ml/min)

LED system of the handpiece:

Light function on AUTO: LED system of the handpieces

witches on as soon as the device starts to operate

and switches off 3 seconds after the foot pedal is released

Light function on ON: The LED of the handpiece is

always on; after 100 seconds of foot pedal disuse it

switches off by itself and the light function moves into

position AUTO

Light Function on OFF: The LED of the handpiece is

always off.

Protections of the APC circuit:

No handpiece detected

Cord interruption

Insert not tightened correctly or broken

Operating conditions:

from +10°C to +40°C

Relative humidity from 30% to 75%

Pressure of air P: 800hPa/1060hPa

Transport and storage conditions:

from -10°C to +70°C

Relative humidity from 10% to 90%

Pressure of air P: 500hPa/1060hPa

Peristaltic pump tube:

It is advisable not to exceed 8 sterilization cycles


3,2 Kg

Size (L -W - H)

300 x 250 x 95 mm


device 2 years; handpiece and handpiece cord 1 year


Service and warranty supplied by Piezosurgery, Inc.


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