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Our Magnetic Mat provides a sterile, neutral field for the safe placement and hands-free transfer of instruments.

It is latex free, reusable, and autoclavable (up to 134° C).


  • Conforms to any surface shape given its flexible and non-slip backing drape

  • Round magnets to avoid rubber perforations

  • Raised magnets hold instruments firmly in place while allowing for easy grasping




These products have been manufactured using silicone which is similar to the commonly used instrument mats.

The above mentioned products do not require special sterilization handling outside your facility's standard sterilization protocol.

They withstand repeated steam sterilization cycles, although we recommend steam sterilization at 134•c (273.2 •F) for 10 minutes.

At your discretion, please feel free to consult with your sterilization equipment supplier as they should have a list of acceptable sterilizable components/materials.

Although the above-mentioned products are designed for considerable re-use, variables such as frequency of sterilization, cleaning application and handling can impact the product's useful life.

1. Before using, please inspect the Magnetic Mat and verify its integrity. If any damage is detected, discard the Magnetic Mat as per hospital protocol.

2.Sterilize as per above-mentioned statement.

3.Once sterile, place the Magnetic Mat in a horizontal position and begin placing the required instruments on it.
NOTE:Sharp instruments can damage the mat; carefully place them on the mat to avoid damage.

4.Thoroughly clean the Magnetic Mat (according to your facilities accepted protocols) before reprocessing atsterilization temperatures.

5.Following sterilization, please inspect the Magnetic Mat and verify its integrity.
If any damage is detected, discard theMagnetic Mat as per hospital protocol. It is at the user's discretion to determine at which point the Magnetic Mat isno longer deemed as acceptable.

6.Store in a cool and dry place. Magnetic Mats should be stored flat (do not fold or roll).




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