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InterCollagen® Guide is a resorbable collagen membrane, derived from porcine pericardium.

It is intended for periodontal and/or dental surgical procedures as a barrier membrane restricting the entry of rapidly proliferating non-osteogenic cells within the bone defect while allowing the ingrowth of slow-growing bone forming cells.

The membrane is a bio-resorbable barrier which eventually is remodeled and/or incorporated by the host tissue.

InterCollagen® Guide is substantially resorbed within 15 weeks after implantation.

It is adaptable and easy to handle. It can be trimmed to the desired size and conforms easily when hydrated.

The product is terminally sterilized via gamma irradiation.


Indications for Use

InterCollagen® Guide, alone or in combination with suitable augmentation materials e.g. autogenous bone, allogeneic, xenogeneic or alloplastic bone replacement materials, can be used in guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures as a biodegradable barrier:

  • In the context of a treatment of fenestration defects

  • In case of dehiscence defects

  • After apicoectomy and resection or retained teeth

  • In extraction sockets after tooth extractions

  • In case of immediate or delayed augmentation around implants in extraction sockets


InterCollagen® Guide is a resorbable cross-linked membrane that promotes rapid healing.

It exhibits excellent drapability, long-term stability and is easily suturable. InterCollagen® Guide is validated and documented in case of studies through clinicians involving procedures such as horizontal/vertical augmentation.

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