DIO RT-X Retention Insert

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LOCATOR R-Tx®: Customizable Fit For Every Patient

The LOCATOR R-Tx Removable Attachment System Is The Next Generation LOCATOR®.

With progressive design features, a new stronger DuraTec® Coating, the ability to accept up to 60 degrees of implant divergence and easier patient seating, clinicians are quickly realizing the practical benefits upgrading to the new System brings to their Practice and Patients.

LOCATOR R-Tx, from ZEST Dental, now offers two ranges of inserts allowing the clinician to customize retention based on the patients preferences and needs.

Both types of inserts come in LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH retention.

The standard inserts can be used for any patient with implant divergence up to a total of 60 degrees!

Our NEW LOCATOR R-Tx® Limited Range Inserts are intended for patients with 10 degrees or less of implant divergence.
In these cases, the Limited Range Inserts provide a tighter, more secure fit for patients wanting more stability!



LOCATOR R-Tx | Standard Range| Gray - Zero Retention Insert | Replacement Inserts (4 Pack)- 30001-01

LOCATOR R-Tx | Standard Range| Blue - Low Retention Insert | Replacement Inserts (4 Pack)-30002-01

LOCATOR R-Tx | Standard Range| Pink - Medium Retention Insert | Replacement Inserts (4 Pack)-30003-01

LOCATOR R-Tx | Standard RangeWhite -HIGH Retention Insert | Replacement Inserts (4 Pack)-30004-01


LOCATOR R-Tx | Standard Range| Aqua - Low Retention  Limited Range Insert | Replacement Inserts (4 Pack)-30027-01

LOCATOR R-Tx | Standard Range| Magenta - Medium Retention  Limited Range Insert | Replacement Inserts (4 Pack)-30028-01

LOCATOR R-Tx | Standard Range| Gold -HIGH Retention Limited Range Insert | Replacement Inserts (4 Pack)-30029-01




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