Kerator Locator Regular / Wide (SET PKG -Locator + Male part)


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Kerator Overdenture Attachment Systems

The Quality Of Locator®, But Exceptional Value!

Kerator overdenture abutments are available for both implant and root retained overdentures.

  • One Convenient All Component Pack

  • Straight and 15° Angled Abutment

  • Lowest Vertical Height Of All Overdenture Attachment Systems Available

The Kerator pack contains inserts, cap and an abutment (angled abutments are provided too). Kerator abutments are strong, stable and long lasting and are are attached to plastic carriers for easy handling and attachment.

kerator root overdenture system

Kerator implant abutments also have componentsinstruments and bar attachments available.

Two Types Of Root Retained Overdenture

  • The post type is used in direct technique and there are straight, 10 degree and 20 degree angled females. The female part is made of titanium alloy and is coated with titanium nitride.
  • The cast type has a pattern that is incorporated into wax pattern for post coping.

The Kerator Root Kit includes 4 attachments (male & female), 3 kinds of burs, initial drill, main pilot drill, countersink diamond bur.

The Key Benefits:

  • Plastic carrier for the abutment makes it easier, safer to handle and check alignment in the mouth
  • The lowest vertical height production globally
  • Dual Retention (Outside and inside retention ensures the longest lasting performance) Easy Insertion (Accurate alignment using self-locating design)
  • Resilient Kerator attachment with superior mobility
  • 15° Angled abutment can be used with non-parallel implants. Combined with the extended range male, it can correct up to 40 degrees.
  • A cross section of the Kerator metal housing shows the retentive property; Increasing coherence with denture resin.

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