DIOnavi Healing Abutment, (SSHA), Regular.Wide

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SSHA 4020
  • DIOnavi  Healing Abutment, (SSHA), Regular.Wide


The healing abutments are designed to help gum tissue around the implant site heal faster.

Used for making designated shape of gingiva


¨ç Connect the screw using 1.2 hex driver and hand-tighten (5~8Ncm)

¨è Organized by diameter and height, the healing abutments can be selected according to the needs

and requirements of a particular clinical case.

- Use larger healing abutment than an abutment in order to maintain balance between the gum

and final prosthesis without gum interference while abutment is being settled.

¡Ø When connecting the cover screw and healing abutment, the screw can be separated easily

by applying antibiotics functioning as lubricant. (Antibiotics: Minocline, Periocline, etc.)

Uses 1.2 Hex Driver

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