CollaGuide Membrane

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  • CollaGuide Membrane


Collaguide Membrane is WhiteCap Institute's resorbable membrane of choice. Collaguide is durable and easy to use. For best results saturate in patient blood or sterile saline for 1-2 minutes prior to use.


CollaGuide: 20mm x 30mm


Dental collagen membranes, are used for both Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR).


Fibrillar Matrix Strength — Membrane Strength
Maintains Structural Integrity — Ease of Use/Less Chair Time


CollaGuide is manufactured with no chemical cross-linking, creating an excellent healing environment and strong scaffolding for developing bone.


As the barrier resorbs, fibrils that make up the membrane separate, creating a matrix that allows fibroblast infiltration and cellular attachment.


CollaGuide is: 

Easy to handle
*Resilient & Non-Friable

Easy to place
*Translucent & Pliable

Convenient to use



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